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The ultimate noob guide
5 years ago

For questions that can be answered by other members:
Any "Name That Porn" QUESTIONS..?
10 years ago

Do not ask porn related questions here! To ask a question, create a new post.
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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What level am I? 3 or 4? It's not very clear.


#2048892 image


#2048892 image

No idea which link's gonna work or not
Sure, sure
you are high-level users, so you can direct low-level users to the appropriate thread

I have already done them by the past and most cases the answer to their question already there.
What about all the other people who are posting here? Why are you only calling out three people?
@satanismo and@NinNin

You both already know the purpose of this thread. If users are asking about anything not related to general site issues, please direct them over there:
Any "Name That Porn" QUESTIONS..?
10 years ago

This also applies to the childhood quarrel between@NinNin and@D_daemon
ok mate. Anyway, is there any list about which websites are supported for video link for new post? I guess I saw some users using xhamster , redtube etc
Try adding a screen capture from the video and then put the link to the video in the description.
That video loaded fine for me.
Hello. I saw many users using xvideos link for new post. But if I use a link it says unsupported website. Can you tell me whats wrong ?
For example, this video
I reported this many times:
Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - unavailable
How to upload video clip with URL. It always say not from supported website.

We have argued enough to have clarified our points of view.


I'm the bad guy, you're the good guy.

I'm the selfish newbie, you're the generous and fair senior.

We both have EGO issues, let's work on this, considering all the things we wrote eachother, some introspection is always a good way to know better ourself.

"Whores" is an insult, "sex workers" is better.

Human beings are naturally full of hot air and shit.

Please remember for the future:

- an answer with only names is not an answer;

- an answer without consistent proofs is not an answer;

- a preview video is not a proof;

- broken links are not proof;

A good answer should allow a user to verify it very quickly! The user should not repeat the research to verify it!

BTW, you can refresh these concepts by reading:

The ultimate noob guide
5 years ago

My regards, your majesty.

- It's ironic that you think I act as the "Master of NTP" because that's exactly how you conduct yourself. Like you're exceptional.

- Just because I don't accept your personality, which you've revealed to be pretty nasty, doesn't mean I don't accept others. You're full of hot air again.

- I don't have many allies. I don't accept most friend requests thanks to people like you (By the way, I told you not to dm me again on March 8, yet you continue to message me. Guys, think twice when D_daemon sends you a friend request.) If I have "friends" on this site, it's because we respect each other.

- I do not confirm incomplete answers. Show me examples. Just because you add a bunch of links and screenshots doesn't make your answer more correct than others. I do not expect others to post in as much detail as I do, nor should you. But somehow you think you deserve points more than others. You act entitled, kind of like you're the Master of NTP.

- I have no idea what you mean when you say, "You do what you want, but harshly criticizes the work of others." Unlike you, I'm fair and respectful. Do I harshly criticize others' work? Where?

- I do a lot more than you to close old posts. That's mostly what I do nowadays. I regularly post other people's answers on my personal thread to help them get confirms. I've been pleasantly surprised that others confirm them.

Your idea of closing old posts is stealing an answer for your own gain. You draw plenty of attention to yourself when you go through inactive user's answers one by one and steal their points. You're putting yourself on blast.

- I know how the confirmation process works as well as you. If I didn't know, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

- I'm more objective than you know. You do give a lot of good answers over others that lack proof. I don't meddle with the majority of your answers.

- Don't act like a victim. You've been disrespecting others for months. "Leave others free"? You mean leave you free to steal points? Disrespect rules? Diminish the community, as it were, that I've been a part of way longer than you?

- And after all that you've said, you suggest that I have problems with my ego? You have one of the most massive egos on this site. Your lack of self-awareness and the belief that you're the victim is proof of that.

If someone posted the question, "Who has the biggest ego?" I would tag "D_daemon" and link your comments.

Anything else you'd like to chat about? I'm kinda busy but I'll make time for you.
@NinNin Yes, because I don't want to bother who read this shit, you should understand that what I wrote yesterday is what I've to say, so if you reply I'll repeat the same concept.
@D_daemon I guess you don't have much to say because you just repeated what you said yesterday.
You act as you were the Master of NTP, that can judge anyone according to your morals.

You do not accept personalities other than your.

You live on NTP thinking of helping the weakest and fighting injustice... but only from your point of view!

You have many allies who do what you order.
You wait for others to give answers so you can judge and decide whether the answer is good or not.
You confirm and tell to your allies to confirm incomplete answers at the expense of updated, complete and well-made answers.

You do what you want, but harshly criticizes the work of others.

You don't do nothing to close old posts but wait for someone to do it, and then you judge and decide the fate of the response.

You don't know, or you don't want to know, how the confirmation process works.

You are not objective!

I liked you at the beginning but now, that I know you better, I say you should mind your own business and leave others free...you are not the Master of NTP!

Maybe you have issues with your EGO, so remain on your throne looking down on others!
I'm still doubling down on abolished point system. Because of the nastiness that it brings out on certain users... Cheating with double accounts... Greedy for points... The toxicity of users that are deeply obsessed over it.. Just really think about it!..

I don't see how the widely-known fact that you're full of shit is personal. I suppose I could've said you're full of hot air, but we all know what hot air precedes unless you're constipated.

But let's put our comments into context, shall we?

This dm exchange is from April 7. You tell me, "I try to help improve NTP and close open posts."

To which I respond, "If you really want to close posts, you would confirm the first correct answer." This is not the first time I've told you this, which is why I conclude in a very tiny stretch that you're full of you-know-what.

#2044690 image

You've attempted to defend your weak position in the past, shortly after you started dm'ing me in December, when you said, "I tried to give my more complete answer in order to refresh the post and give it an opportunity, that's all. I didn't want to steal nothing...it was unsolved and I try to get it solved." If this doesn't reek of you-know-what, I don't know what does.

In response, I lay out all the reasons why you should've done the right thing and confirm the first answer. I emphasize that if your true intention is to give an answer an opportunity to be solved, you should confirm it.

#2044690 image

Note that I also mention two of my other favorite users who were well-known for the very kind of behavior that is now your calling card. And see that I also say, "I'm happy to help you as long as I don't see this kind of behavior." How did it all go wrong? You ignored what I said and you continued to step all over other uses. All for what? To be number 2 on the leaderboard with totally useless points and no respect?

I hope you enjoy your ill-gotten perch at the top.
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